TD Essentials: Parallel Transport

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CCurve framing is important for a lot of things, like trajectories, creating geometry from curves or aligning copied geometry to curves. In this tutorial Manuel implements the parallel transport algorithm that transports an initial normal vector along a curve to create a smoothly varying frame. But be warned. This video is very VEX heavy.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to read a scientific paper and translate it’s content to Houdini.

Download Initial File

Download Project File

Download the original paper by Hanson and Ma

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  1. Jason Iversen says

    Very nice…. you might also mention the slideframe() VEX builtin.

  2. alex gvaramia says

    that is the nice tutorial, and i have to ask if you could make tutorial about anchor and spring constraints? that would be great as well!

  3. arturo valle says

    i dont know why you always apologise for using vex in a heavy way, dont be sorry for that, a technical director need to go deep on to this, if they dont want to code in houdini they should get out of the software right now.

  4. Nic says

    Thumbs Up ! The slideframe() function mention above looks interesting, would using this simplify anything?

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