Refine The Ripple Solver

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Last time I announced a second part to the ripple solver tutorial. And here it is! This time, I rebuild the ripple solver setup by using a SOP solver to update the simulated geometry. Then I show you how to vary the wavespeed spatially. And finally I create an enclosed polygonal body from the simulated grid to be able to use a absorption shader on it.

Following this tutorial will help you refine the setup from last time and teach you some basics about DOPs and the SOP solver, too. So dive right in. I hope you’ll find something useful here.

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  1. Karsten says

    Hi Manu, another great tutorial! Just wanted to mention an alternative/easier way to clip the extruded front vertices of the water volume is to use a simple Point Wrangle of `@P.y = -1;` (instead of the transform & scale to zero…) Just for completeness sake, not nitpicking! 🙂

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