Packing The Torus

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Dense packings of objects onto surfaces always look stunning. There are many analytical algorithms out there to compute such a packing. In this video we’ll explore a simulation based approach to achieve a dense packing of particles with varying radius. This is more versatile and easily allows for a nice packing animation.

We’ll quickly review the concepts of “signed distance fields” and “the gradient” to project particles onto a surface along the way. Then we’ll explore the intersect VOP to sample attributes from a foreign surface.

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  1. john brown says

    I’ve been wanting to know how to do this for a long time, brilliant clear tutorial thanks.

  2. Josh says

    Really stunning work guys. Thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Christopher P Rahaim says

    Great Tutorial! Thank You for producing this!

  4. Alan K says

    This is officially my favourite website since I discovered it a few months ago.
    Absolutely fantastic tutorials guys, with great explanations along the way.
    Love it !!!

  5. Hi, thank you for the tutorial 🙂 I think you can stack the particles to the surface in a easier way using a relax node with the surface to stack on in the second input!

    • Manuel says

      Sure. There are always many ways to achieve the same result. This could work using a SOP-Solver. But I don’t think it is easier, only different. Try it and post it here! Would be interested in comparing the solutions.

  6. Wolf-Dieter Grabner says

    Very nice and interesting tutorial and also thumbs up for the tasteful website theme.

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