Creating A Procedural Snowflake

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We have something special for the upcoming holiday season for you: Snowflakes! This was the very first paper I ever implemented in Houdini – what a feeling! I recorded it a while back in summer but then decided to wait until the right season. As the first snow is hitting the Munich area I guess it is about time to release the tut 🙂

The technique stems from Cliff Reiter’s brilliant paper called “A local cellular model for snow crystal growth”. Don’t fret – We’ll do our best and explain what’s actually going on here. In essence it is a rather straightforward yet extremely efficient (and quite clever) cellular automatonwe’re building. Hope we didn’t scare you with that previous sentence. Relax – all we’re doing is simulate small particles of water that are allowed to move in a hex-grid. Enough talk, let’s build it!

Download Project File (.hipnc)

Patreon Special: Frozen Bubble

As a bonus (because we’ve been asked how to achieve this effect) we created a freezing bubble setup which you can access through our Patreon. It can be used to generate images such as this:

snowflake_sphere_005 (00000)
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  2. Moritz,
    tell me why in “blast in the 17th minute” puts to me (not: ice), and then I click on play and it does not allow snow to appear ?

  3. arturo valle says

    its very tricky when you try to understand the evolution of certain patterns, xDD

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