Polyfolding – Part 1

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This is the first part of a two part tutorial. Part two will be available soon.

Polyfolding is an interesting effect where you split up an object to individual bands and make them curl up. It can be used to disintegrate an object or make it appear from nothing. To achieve the curling behaviour some matrix math is needed. All primitives are treated like individual objects, with their own distinct transfomation matrix attached. Then, they can be put into a hierarchical relationship to make the successive curl happen.

Here’s the video by Elisha Hung that inspired me to implement the effect.

Download working file

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  1. concerned listener says

    You sound deathly ill, mate. If you haven’t already, please see a doctor.

    • Antoine says

      I believe he’s Spanish, living in Germany, and speaking English. This could explain why he doesn’t sound like the King of England.

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