Alien Orb: Vellum Grains & Redshift

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The long (well – not really) lost holiday special surfaced! This was my first attempt at making something wintery, trying to cook up a snow globe. Turned out I tend to be better at producing weird alien orbs – so here we are.

What started out as a snow setup using vellum grains to simulate falling (and settling) snow inside a snow globe turned (through some accidents) into this more abstract setup. So why not embrace it, give it a good redshift shading and celebrate alien holidays instead? 🙂

Happy 2019 everyone from us here at Entagma!

Download Project File (.zip)

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  1. Emil Galotti says

    After seeing all the cool stuff you and others do with Houdini, I decided to download the free version of it and give it a try!

    I started by trying to recreate your alien snowflakes thing and just after the first few steps I could feel the growing status of despair und desperation, because I can´t find the „Vellumconstraints-grain-node!“

    Where is it? Is it hidden in a secret sublevel, unable for me to open, because I am a newbie?

    I can find a Vellumconfigure-grain node in my copy of Houdini, maybe we can make a deal and exchance them, I would throw in an additional Vellumconstraints- Node without the grain for free!

    Please help me, and many thanks in advance!

    • Moritz says

      Hi Emil,

      did you have a look at the scene file we provide? Maybe that can shed some light onto your question 🙂

      Cheers, Mo

      • Emil Galotti says

        Hui, thanks for the quick response!

        Yes, I did open your project-file, it was there, but I wanted to create the scene for myself to get a better understanding of the very scary node- system !

        Maybe I should give it another try! Thanks a lot!

        • Moritz says

          When you’re just starting out it makes sense to have both the video and the scene file open to get a grasp of what we’re doing in a certain setup. The more fluent you’ll get in Houdini the quicker you’ll be when it comes to getting a grasp of the node system, until it becomes second nature. Keeping our fingers crossed! Welcome to the Houdini world. And also – good nerves to you!

          Cheers 🙂

          • Emil Galotti says

            Yeah, thanks for the motivation! I will try my very best to learn the basics, because you can do some amazing stuff with it!

            Keep up the good work and thanks again!


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